Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Truth...

Preamble: This is a story is the long awaited follow up to The Hood. That story was about me stopping to talk to a young man on the train, about youth knife crime and youth gun crime that is currently on the streets. The following is what I said to him  in response:

Bro, listen, as I sat, over there, in my chair,
I was thinking about suicide, and ending my life, 
But, Bro, when I saw, and heard, what you and your guy
what you and your guy were saying, my Guy, I knew, 
I knew, I had to talk to you, and walk over to you, 
to, tell you the truth, Bro to tell you the truth, 
Bro to tell you the truth, Bro you know, 
Whatever your going through, right now, 
in your life, right now you need to realise, 
Bro, a end of a knife, man, can end a life, 
Bro, a knife man, can end a life, or, get you, 
sent inside, for, life, on the inside, 
Bro, I know Bro, what I said to you, is nothing, 
is nothing new, you know, Bro, I mean you knew, 
Bro, I mean you knew, as you know that you, 
have heard that many times, before, but, before, 
you say something my Guy, to tell you the truth, 
I ain't going to lie, my Guy, that's fine, 
That's fine, my Guy, you don't need to say, nothing,
Bro, as see all I need to know, is that your looking, at me, 
Bro, that your looking, at me, and that's fine, 
that's fine, as it lets me know that your not, deaf, and your, 
not blind, Bro I hear you, and I can see too, that
Bro you feel that ,your ,life's on the line, and, Bro, you feel that it is do or die,
but Bro, to tell you the truth, and to keep it real with you, 
Bro, I know that your hurting on the inside, about something, 
that someone has did to you, or something that someone didn't do, 
or hurting about, someone's that's ill or, hurting about someone's that's died
Bro, or in the end, your hurting about something, your hurting, 
about something you just cant comprehend, Bro, 
Bro, to tell you the truth, and be real with you, that's fine, 
that's fine, Bro, I have heard and can hear you, but i'm, 
here to say that i'm here for you, as Bro, I know, what, 
it feels like, to take your fears, and make your fears, 
eat away at you, on the inside, my Guy, but, Bro before, 
I go on, Bro, let me ask you a question,
Bro do you know how many times on this train ride, 
on this train ride. I have thought about suicide, and ending my life?,
Bro, by the look in your eye, that question took you by surprise, 
Bro, to tell you the truth, and to keep it real with you, 
Bro, that shit maybe, too deep, for you, but for you
I'm looking, deep inside, deep inside,
to find, to find, the right words to say to you, my Guy, as I know, 
What feels like to feel like your life is on the line, and, 
and to be real with you, I know what feels like to live a life, that's do or die,
Bro, on my life, in my life, I have been low, stressed, depressed, Bro, 
Bro, so low, so stressed, so depressed that I have been on meds, Bro 
Bro, to tell you the truth, there's been times I have tried to cry, Bro 
Bro, to tell you the truth, there's been times, it has felt like 
It has felt like, that I have died, on the inside, Bro, 
Bro, there's been times, the feelings that I have felt, 
The feelings that I have felt, I can't even describe, Bro, 
Bro, you know the feelings, that you hide, behind, a smile, 
Bro, you know the feelings that you hide behind, when someone says, 
"How are you?" and you reply, that your fine, 
Bro, to tell you the truth, and be real with you, 
Bro, you know, I have dealt with, and, felt shit, shit that, Bro, 
Bro, that no one should have to deal with and no one should have to feel, 
Bro, see, Ill be real with you, I see where your coming from, as to tell you the truth, and
to be real with you, Bro, I have seen shit, that  no one, should have to see, 
Bro, to tell you the truth, and to be real with you, 
Bro, I hear you, I hear what your saying, as to tell you the truth, and be real with you, 
Bro, I have heard shit, that no one should have to hear, but, 
Bro, I need you to tell me the truth, man knows, as I know Bro, you can, hear,
 hear and see what I am saying, but you know what, it smells, 
smells like to me, that you just needed, or, need someone around you, that 
that can help you, deal with, the feelings, and the things Bro, that you,
Bro, that you been through, and to tell you the truth, and Bro, to be real with you, 
Bro to be real with you, Bro, If you need me, right now,
right now, I will be here for you,



Friday, 7 August 2015

Mr. Back In The Day...

Preamble: This is a story is the long awaited follow up to The Hood. That story was about me stopping to talk to a young man on the train, about youth knife crime and youth gun crime that is currently on the streets. What the young man said to me triggered memories of my early life. The following is what I was thinking

Damn, have you ever been called Gay, Fat, and Dumb, by same the man? 
By the same the man?, damn, man, I am not gonna lie, damn, I have, 
Damn, I have, and, it's sad, this man was, you, the man I call Dad, I ain't mad, 
Dad, all your commotions, emotions, explosions, in my Nan's house, always had me implodin, 
Always had me implodin, withholdin, until, you would see, my eyes open, 
My eyes open, and, start explodin, and that's when Dad,
That's when Dad, you would say " Damn Dan I am only jokin,"
My eyes open, and, start explodin, like your closet, 
Like your closet, as, Dad, you were a man, that had, bags, and, bags, of clothin,
Dad, you were a man, that had, bags, and, bags, of clothin, and, to add, your closet was always open, 
Always open, as, you always had anything, and, everything, on show, 
On show, you had, Nike TN's, Nike Jordans, Nike Air Maxs, you had all of those,
You had all of those, and, you always hand choose, your clothes, from Probito, 
From Probito, you had, Versarce jeans, Iceberg jeans, Armani jeans, Chippie jeans, erm,, o no, 
Erm,, o no, silly me, please believe, how could I leave, the jeans that were Moschino?
Silly me, it's been while, Dad, but, fuck it, it used to rile me, when you used to, 
When you used to smile, and, say to me, "Son, don't watch my style, and, my profile",
"Son, don't watch my style, and, my profile", Dad really?   
Dad Really?, let's see, Dad, lets just say, you had a label habit, and, that was pretty much it, hehe,  
Dad, you rocked, diamond socks, jean roll ups, name brand shirts, jumpers, and, tops,  
Dad, you used to mish match em, and, mish match it, 
Mish match it, with, either the long leather, or the Avirex jacket, 
Dad, what happen? to when we used to roll through, the roads, in the nights, in the cold,
In the cold, Dad you in your cap, me with my backpack, packed with my night clothes, 
Packed with my night clothes, and my Super Nintendo games, control pads, and, console,
The nights before, my backpack, was packed with the Playstation One, or, the Ninetendo 64, 
The nights before, you used to call me fat, the nights before, you nicknamed me "Danny Rotundo"     
The nights, we used to take the Northen Line train, from Stockwell station to Tooting Broadway, 
The nights, of the 333 bus from Tooting Broadway, and, the walk to, 211 Links Road
The walk to, 211 Links Road from Mitcham Lane,  
The nights, I would to try, in vain, to stay up late, with you Dad, to watch match of the day, 
To stay up late, with you Dad, to watch match of the day, and, to watch Liverpool play,  
The nights, that we had, cheese sandwiches with the ham, chilli sauce, chips, with the doner kebab,  
The mornings, you yawning, would be warning you were awake, you were awake at usually midday,   The mornings, my Nan had the sausages, bacon and eggs in the pan, 
The mornings, my Nan, had a Blackcurrent Ribena in hand, 
The mornings, my Nan had the beef soup, dumpling, and the yam, 
The mornings my Nan, had the rice and peas, lamb or the curry crab,
Dad, now I would never be, dissin, my own Dad, just to get recognition, 
Dad, take a second, to listen, and use your intuition, before you think, what im sayin, is dissin,
Before you think, what i'm sayin, is dissin, understand, damn, as a man, man its okay, 
Man its okay, to put up your hand, 
Put up your hand, and, say damn Dan, as a man, I can, understand, what is being written,               
Man, damn Dad, you were never put in my damn position, 
In my damn position, with your Dad, that had drugs to deal, coolly chillin casually, in the kitchen,
In the kitchen, you had, weed, wrapped, while Dad you would sit and listen,  
You would sit and listen to, Mighty Crown, King Addies, Stone Love, and Black Kat, sound tapes, 
Black Kat, Sound tapes, on your sound system,     
The same sound tapes, you would sit and listen to, on your sound system, in prison,
Dad, you had that, fuck that, move dese bits, prove my shit, shot that shit, attitude, 
Dad, I watched you wrap and bill, and Dad, you took me on drug deals, but I am not mad at you, 
I am not mad at you, even though damn, Dad, you were the man that would attack my Mum, 
You were the man that would attack my Mum, with your hands,  
I am not mad at you? Okay, I thought about it? you still went to attack her? 
You slapped her, then, smacked her, so she went to get a knife to stab ya!      
Dad, how was I suppose to take advice about women, from a man who used to, tump, my Mum? 
Dad, in how many different ways, back in the day, did you used to say, I was gay?, anyways, 
Anyways, lets set you straight, I now have mates, that are gay, but hey, Dad, I'm straight, 
Back in the day, Dad you used to say, "Dan are you gay, whats taking you, so long to fuck a girl?" 
Dad you used to say, "Dan whats taking you, so long to fuck a girl and, get laid?," 
Dad, it's a shame, that mate, I remember the day, back in the day,  
Back in the day, that, I was playing away, in my Nan's living room, on my Gameboy game,  
Gameboy game?, infact, it was Pokemon Blue, and, Dad, I told you, 
I told you I caught my first Pokemon, as, I called you my Mum's boyfriends name, by mistake,
Dad, you did not even give me a chance to save the game, before you started calling me names, 
Dad, that's the day, I could see the rage, in your face, as you said "Son Are you Dumb?" Silly me,   
Silly me, Dad, How could I forget this memory, this is what you said to me, 
You said to me Son, come and sit with me on my Nan's sofa, my Nan's sofa? Silly me Dad, 
Silly me, Dad, I was meant to say my Nan's settee, 
Dad, you were drunk, as you sat me, down on your knee, and said to me, 
Dad, you said to me, "Son when you were born, I was not sure, if you were mine,", 
Dad, at the time I was torn,
Dad, at the time I was torn, as you took more, sips, from your drink, it was Martel, I think, 
Dad, at the time I was torn, between you and my mum, as you poured, this tore, me a little bit more,  
What you said left me with a taste as raw, as Wray and Nephews, in my mouth,
In my mouth, and, Dad, in my head, I was left with what you said, in the house,   
Dad, what are you going to say, " Dan that all this was back in the day!"
Dad, what are you going to say, " Dan all this is not your place to say!", 
Dad, What are you going say "Dan remember I'm your Dad?"
"A Dad?, man to man, man, damn, A Dad What is that?",
"Damn Dad nuh-ah, what's wrong? Didn't you think I would remember?"
What you gonna say Dad, "I'm gonna kill you Dan!" 
"Hey Dad, uh-ah, Mr. Temper, Mr. Temper"
Mr Back in the Day, Mr. Studley Estate, Mr Brixton 28, 
Mr. Coming straight outta Stockwell, south west eight, y'all better make way, anyways, 
Anyways, understand, damn, I am not mad Dad, I am actually glad you were the man you were, 
I am actually glad you were the man you were, as damn Dad it made me the man I am, Dad,    

Inspired by Eminem- Cleaning out my Closet & Eminem- Guilty Conscience 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lost Freestyles: You Got To Catch Them All

 Preamble: I attempted to write another freestyle. This time it was Pokémon themed. I attempted to include over 100 Pokémon in 45 minutes, without the use of Poke-Wikipedia of course. I made a few lyrical edits and grammatical edits after the time elapsed, however no additional Pokémon were added. I promise. See how I got on! :)

I want to be the best, the very best
The best that ever was, in Spoken Word,
In Spoken Word, right, might sound absurd, but is my cause,
No need to applause, lets attack, My Rattata, will batter ya,  
Will batter ya,  cah, I'm a battla, so let's battle bra,
Let's evolve, an, involve, Raticate, to eradicate,
To eradicate, decimate, ne competita, as der, is nobody betta,
Lets pitch, for starters, Bulbasaur, flip, I choose you, vine whip,
vine whip, der ish, real quick,  
Relax, quick attack, chillax, use your quick attack,
Bulbasaur, come back, you have, done enough, kick back,
Squirtle, go, on a water flow,
Water gun, bubble, bubble beam,
Forever blowing bubbles, thats why I got you on me, team,
What my Pokemons evolvin, Electrode, explodin, 
Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, charge, conserve, presevere, your energy,
solar beam, erybody in sight, in the fight, in here
In here, as there is nobody, better then me,
It's time for dis, to get a heated, no time to be defeated,
Charmander, use your flame flow, are no, I meant to say have a go,
have a go with your, flame throw,
I mean't to say flame thrower, Charmeleon, nah, rah, your not on par, my Pokemons a grower,
your not on par, my pokemons a grower,
my Pokemons a grower, and a show stopper,
You attacked with a slash, thats why I come strapped, with an Aegislash,
Up your defense, I chased you on your bike, on a hype, you try use cut,
you try use cut, but, you hoped over d'fence,
My bars are so hench, I'm just a Machamp, flexin his muscle,
What happen?, o no, did you Machoke, if you didnt get that, that you movin abit Slowbro,
let me slow it down,
Your movin a bit Slowpoke, should, I say Slowking, but you just loafin, your Slakin,
your Slakin, what happen, captain?, 
I'm movin vioruously, like a Vigoroth, feel my roth, when I'm in the poke mart
When im in the poke mart?, I mean, the poke shop!
You be peekin at me, well let me Pikachu,
If you peek at me, when I'm boxin, when im shoppin, I Pikachu, straight shockin, 
Write bars for me? I will smoke you, in a clash, leave you straight Koffin,
G, you will be Weezin, lookin at d celiin, searchin for meanin, heavin,
For my next trick, let me show you, why I'm d psychic type,
I'm d psychic type, on a psychic hype, I have seen your next move, flipped your stats,
flipped your stats, in this magic room,
I call this my magic move, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, ta da, man, damn,
Its time to roast, now im about to go ham, Tepig, use ember, make em remember,
what I said, in der head, make em blow up, like parliment on the 5th november,
Now, now, dont be cross, if you try poision me, Boss,
Trust me I'm d real deal, my bars come hard, like d steal, from my Metagross,
Let me drink my Elixer, no I dont drink liquor, but watch d next bar, 
D, next bar that I am about to configuare, you gonna feel dis,
I come hard like Stelix,
Hit you with dat big bar, dat will configure and disfiguare, your double helix,
I got dat mean stare, I don't care, dat will catch you unaware,
I got dat rapid dash, like a rapidash, my bars you jus don't catch,
I need to stop horsin around, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior,
please, believe, I.V stats straight superior, you inferior,
Take them down, to the ground, with your take down,
So its fightin talk you want?, do you really want to fight me?
Hitmonchan, give you a punch to d face, Hitmonlee, sweep you off your feet,
I am dat dragon type, I am jus on a dragon hype,
you be asking me like, but wait, mate, what does a dragon look like?
You drag on your bars, dey look light, 
my bars over your head, like a dragon d skies, in disguise, I am d guy,  
Why Dragonite?, Dragonite why?, where you are you when I need you?
Not to worry I got a box full Gabites, and Garchomps, to beat you?
Dragon dance, up your stats, cah der whack, let me attack,
Turn my cap back, like say my name, was ash,
Der facety, they try call me tracy, dey can't face me,
Dey cant face me, but my style, dey can't trace me, 
If you got a big top upper half, but no legs, you aint a G dude, you a Geodude,
what you mean? like was that bar like too much?, well to hell with it, let's evolve my stuff,
Where's all the Gravelers at, nah the Gollums, I need you to get it,
Yeah I called a Couple man, Gollums damn, yeah man, damn, I said it,
I'm up to my neck, I just don't understand man, bare hench, but no neck,
Dat bar was dark right, let move abit Darkrai, I meant to say Dark like,
I am God, like, Rayquaza, I mean,  I have seen your bars, 
Der so-so, nah let me be honest, der a disaster, let me master my style,
like a Totodile , smile, like a Mawile, freestyle, its been a while,
My style I need to master, you just over the hill,
I dont mean to bun you, but my tougue straight Cyndaquil,
Let me create a explosin, let me create a Typhlosion,
Let me health, my wounds, spray my potion, give me a moment,
Tell me, like G, what's it like battlin with me, arrivin to the fight with no PP,
Like G, you just be belittlin me, I got pokeballs in the pouch,
you just all Mewoth, you just a kitty kat, a Persian all, smug on the rug,
Let's call the dogs, woof, let me unleash my pug, in your home ill give you a run,
Your just a Magikarp, dats level 5, dat, likes, to splash,
It's your choice, but if I get my Blastoise, straight skull bash,
Marikarp, versus, Blastoise, straight mish match,
Don't Eve me, wait, mean't to say don't envy me, 
Cus I'll call my Jolteon to straight jolt you son,
It's all Mew, Mew, dirtee, dirtee, blocku blocku, don't clone my style,
der is no D doubles, there is only me, me,
I looked in your face in the room, you used my poke flute,
don't mean to be rude, but dude, I need that back you bloody Mewtwo!
Pokédex entry:
Pokémon  used: 52
Pokémon References:93

Friday, 26 June 2015

You Can't Hold Me Down...

Preamble: This is a story is the long awaited follow up to The Hood. That story was about me stopping to talk to a young man on the train, about youth knife crime and youth gun crime that is currently on the streets. What the young man said to me triggered memories of my early life. The following is what I was thinking

My Mum said to me, it all a big dream, 
I said, it can't be Mum, Mum it was all reality,
Mum it was all reality, as, Mum it was all real to me, 
The flat, in between, Jefferys Road, Larkhall Lane
Larkhall Lane, Prioy Buildings, Priory Grove, Flat Three 
The days, before my eleventh birthday, when you picked me, up in the limosine,
The days, living in stockwell, when, well, the fridge was always well stocked, 
The days, hitting the corner shop, in my Umbro and Sharp, united top, from JJB,
The days, I used to sit infront of the tv screen, 
Sit in front of the TV screen, playing Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, reading Nintendo magazines
Hanging posters of DBZ, WCW and WWF, 
WWF?, I mean, I mean WWE on my wall, 
On my wall, next to my primary school achievements, I recall
The days, when we would compete, and match, our sneeks, 
Match our sneeks, TN's, 110's, Ellisse's, on our feet
On our feet, on the street, you always wanted to see me neet, 
The days, when we use to venture to the adventures, Stuarts Road, Dorset Road, and Clufo,
The days, I used to play Oxide and Neutrino, Miss Dynamite and So Solid Crew, on my stereo,
The days, when we had a need, to speed, to drop me, to Lingham Street, 
To drop me, to Lingham Street, listening to choice FM, Kat and RB, on the radio
The days, we when went to Wilcox Road, couple of criminals, to rent pirate videos,   
The days, of the Nokia Face off's, 3210's, 3310's, Snakes and Space Invaders, 
Snakes and Space Invaders, the days I use to walk to shop, and got, the Sunday Papers, 
The days, that you did not fuss, when, Black Roof, dissed us,
The days, you worked both night and day, so Christmas never missed us, 
The days, of the Fiat Tipo, before the Black Ford Focus
The day, when we came home, the door kicked open, they broke in, 
The day, they robbed us, and, broke into the house
They broke into the house, flipped over the couch, but didn't leave with large amounts 
The took my christening jewelery, and you said, don't worry baby about the jewel thiefs
You said, don't worry baby, about the jewel thiefs, as, your the only jewel to me,   
Fridays, those were the takeaway days, 
The days, when you used, to drive to Wandsworth Road, and, Hit Wings, Mc D's, or O.K, 
The days, we used to, drive to Jacks, so that you could treat me, to a Snowball, 
The days, you use to smoke ten Benson Hedges, then drink, a Cheery B or a Red Label
Before the days, before I grew and I knew, you treated me, to a Bacardi Breeze
We used to drink together when we were thirsty,
The days before, you used to push your problems on me, and curse me, 
The days, you and your mate, would say my bed, was a sty, and remind how lazy was I,
Wait, those were days before, you and your mate, choose, to make jokes about my weight,
Choose to make, jokes about my weight, while you and your mate, made me a plate
Made me a plate, then left me to contemplate,
Contemplate, The days, back when, I didn't have much friends in the ends,
I didn't have much friends' in the ends, and you and your mate, gave me the name, Billy no mates  
Our birthdays, were the same day, those were the worst days
Those were the worst days, as you reminded me about your hurt days
The hurt days, the days my Dad used chase you around the room, 
Chase you around the room, a couple of punches he would throw, a few
But fact that, you would punch back, I always handed to it you
The days, you would remind me, the time you said you got a knife, 
You got a knife, a stabbed my dad near his spine, couple of inches from his life,  
The days, you would remind me, that he pushed you, down the stairs, when you were pregnant,  
When you were pregnant, threatened Granddad to hand over the push chair,
The days, you would remind me, that my dad beat you so bad, that he damaged your eye sight,  
That my dad beat you so bad, that you wore glasses to, to get your eyes right 
The days, you would remind me, while I sat in the chair, as you did my hair, 
as you did my hair, that I was just like my Dad
That I was just like my Dad, you used to compare, I could go on, but hold on, 
Hold on, That was back in the day, Mum you have held me down for too long,
Too long, but just to let you know, imma let you go,  
You will always be my Mum, and I will always be your Son, 
The day, it all changed, and you knew it wouldn't be the same, 
Is the day I moved in with my Grandparents, 
In with my Grandparents, Spurgeon Estate, Guildford Road, number Sixty One  

Inspired by Biggie Smalls-Juicy

Let's Make it Clear...

I hope all is well and that you have had a great so far. There is a new piece which I would like to share with you , in a moment.  In this piece I had experimented with my existing style, and approached it from a new, and innovative angle. I feel that my thoughts have become much more clearer over recent months, which I would like to openly project within my poetry. This journey has been a testing one so far, but there are plenty of more tests to come. I am sure of it! I am willing to tackle them head on. I would like to to formally introduce you to my new writing style termed 'Clarity Writing', which still possess elements of the thought flow earlier discussed, but takes a more much direct approach, thus stripping away, similes and extended metaphors. In hope to bring you closer to the true art of Story-telling. In addition, there are plenty of more works to come, as well as, I know  I have been dragging my feet for so long, videos of myself performing my pieces. 

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy, 

Alph x  

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lost Freestyles: Showtime

Premable: I attempted to start writing freestyles again, with a time limit of 30 mins without the use of Wikipedia. Today's theme was centred on cartoons. I goggled only two words Eclectic and Totodile. I promise. Unfortunately, I went over the time limit due an important phone conversation, my apologies,  but thanks to everyone that was involved.

I Picked up the pen and the pad
Started cooking, like I was cooking crabby patties,
In the crusty crab, I be cooking these lines,
Like I was Dexter, the boy genius in the lab,
I be mixing, my similes and metaphors, like chemicals,
Just trying to make my point, like decimals,
Everybody try copy my flow, but this my show,
They be itching, twitching, looking so cowardly,
I be like, dawg, where's your courage?
Dawg you be powdering up?looking like a Powerpuff!
Let me level up, and power up,
Bring you the power, like I had the combine strength,
The combine strength of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup,
Talking about, power ups, its morphing time,
Masterdon, Terradactyl, Tryceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, Tyransauras rex,
My freestyle ability, yeah I'm morphing mine,
That bar just went over your Ed,
But it went over his Eddy, his Eddie, and his Ed,
When I write, its mine, its my, its my adventure time,
Freestyle abilty, so cold, they call me the Ice King, like how exciting?
Bring that thunder, they call me that Thundercat, because I'm striking like lighting,
Frightening, futuristic flow, moving something like the Jetsons,
After i'm finish spitting, you turn to your man,
And say lets move, and say his ill, so lets jet son,
You speed out here, like it like it was a race,
But I got the crowd cheering, as I switch lanes, and, change my pace,
Just call me that Wackey Racer,
I pull up alongside you, give you that Mutley laugh, and say 
and say adios, I will see you later
I'm hair, and stand tall, like the afro and Gerald's head,
Everyone saying hey, who you?
You that cool kid, with the funny shape head,
That's into poetry and bongos?, I say no i'm not Arnold!
And they shrug their shoulders like who knew!
That's when the bells, wells, well start ringing, like its time for recess
This my playground now, I am not the king so far,
But one day ill be chilling, god willing, like King Bob on the sofa,
Like you be thinking, so rah Dan, you now want to king now?
I be like that's the dream, that's why see me now and again, but I be
be hustling with my team, bunch of hustlers kids, hustler friends,
Out in the jungle gyms, with the kindergarten kids,
Turn my cap back, like say I was say was TJ, peddling my bike
Bike on hype on the freeway, have you be saying like holy Cow?
ain't that boy Chicken? with your face Droopy, with your nose turned up,
like saying I smell, well, grab your poopy scoopy,
I meant to say pooper scooper, if you want to snoop me, well,
well, you will have straight up scoop me,
Hate me now, cool, but god willing, ill be chilling in the pool,
Living that life with Louie with my guy Louie,
If you don't catch my bars, don't worry you wont catch them all,
I choose the lines that I throw, I nickname my lines, my poke balls,
You know the feeling when a hater, takes a peek at chu,
Shocking right, but that the bars here are light, shocking right
They are light, they will electrify, any electric type,
Because i'm that eclectic type, i'm on this electric hype,
When a hater peek at chu, all you do have to do, is evolve,
And say with a smile, its been a while, but smile right at chu,
These bars got me like, all excited like, on a dancing hype, totodile,
I got pokemon bars for days, but let me not waste my time away,
The crowd already saying Dan your late, thats great, hey, the last plugs ill make,
We can do that is all day, play cat and mouse, all over the house,
Run around the house, chase you all over the couch,
But theres only one outcome, you in the trash, man down,
Leave you to be roomates with oscar the grouch,
Like im so full of myself, I just pinched myself, because that bar was so ouch,
Listen I dont play with kids, sit down on the mat with the Rugrats
Put your finger on your lips, be quiet, before I start a riot,
You just a bunch of baby's, you know bunch of Tommys, Phils, Lils,
I just chuckied to myself, because my bars so real, and they are the real deal,
I meant to say chuckled to myself, I was just getting the feel, you feel?
I am straight brainiac, that freestyle maniac, come with freestyles,
About anime and cartoons, mate, wait call me that animainiac
Everyone else are just are bunch of cartoons, that kids watch on YouTube
Bunch of looney tones, singing looney tunes
Call me the Batman, everyone else sideman, sidekicks,
The way I grab my grappling hook, they look at my line, try climb
that's when I give a quick, fly kick, these sidekicks cant be robin my lines,
The Batman symbol is shining, the moment in defining, and i'm defying,
I am defying because i'm one of kind, if you don't get the above line,
If you don't get the above line, ill explain to you,
Ill explain to you, but I got a city to save, so never mind,
They ask me everyday what is it? I tell them the same thing,
Like it got me thinking scratching my brain, like has what I said sinked in,
The last time, like the last time, Pinky its time to save the world,
A hater might puff out his chest, make grunts, like a,
I cant say that word, flex his muscle, use his bravado,
 but, put your trust in me, when I say your just not me,
your just not me, you ain't Johnny Bravo,
You just be cramping my style, something like Wayne and Lucian, Lucian and Wayne,
There twins, I repeated there names, because their basically the same,
They be looking like the want to scrap me, saying put em up, put em up
put em up, but they cant scrap me dog, I be chilling in the mystery van,
Yeah they call me the mystery man, because they don't know where Dan hang,
I have eaten my morning Scooby snack, my beards is looking Shaggy,
They don't know what I do, they don't know what I Scooby Scooby doo,
That bar does not make any sense but I was just being god damn rude,
Please excuse, like i'm just not the dude, and I just not that rude,
Its time for me to go, but before I go, shoutouts to my Bro,
He said bro since your putting on a show Bro,
He said put in Mighty Max, I was like sure, but I cant even lie,
I didn't even watch this, but I had to add it in somehow, to show that I got this

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Law of Attraction...

Hi Everyone,

I hope that all is well and that you have had a great week. It has been a while since I last posted, but I have finally made my long awaited return. I thank you for bearing with me and thank you for taking time out to view my blog in my absence.

I am still pretty on my journey of  self discovery and self love, healing and spiritually. The passion for writing and performing, still remains and continues to grow. I feel that my time away has been necessary for me to mature, as a writer and as young man. I have faced new challenges and been in at times very much uncharted waters, but I am starting to able to gain mastery over myself. This is a promising sign, however there are many challenges that lay ahead, but rest assured I am going to tackle this head on.

Furthermore, before I depart again, hopefully not as long as last time around. I would like to leave you with a story. This story is far from fabrication, but I it will hopefully allow you to gain a greater insight into the laws of attraction. Lets begin, Thursday morning started as any normal day and I made my way to work, went at a steady pace in the rain. I sat at my desk and started it with my new daily ritual by either reading or watching something that reaffirms positivity. This has an amazing transformative effect on the mind, and if you have not already tried it I definitely recommend.

I digress, I watched a video on the law of attraction which was advocated by one of favourite actors. He talked a length about the powers of the mind, chakra, positivity and the concept of paying it forward. This started my day the right way in my eyes. I spent the day doing mostly admin jobs as the majority of the students' that I work with are on study leave or work experience. At 3pm a student walked through the door and said 'Sir can we talk', I said 'Sure'. We sat for approximately an hour reasoning about the mind, positivity, spirituality and evidently, judging the title of this post, the law attraction came up.

We both felt refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated from this conversation and both went away from  this with a smile. I left work to embark on my volunteering commitments which I have on a Thurday evening and after met up with some friends. I travelled wearily back into my house at about 12 am. As, I walked up the stairs I said to myself that todays been a great day and that I am thankful. I opened my room door and I stumbled upon in amazement upon two books.

The books focus on chakra, spirituality, positivity and being at one with God. These books were sent through the post, from an anonymous benefactor, with the addresses both hand written. This random act of kindness touched my heart and soul far more then I could comprehend. I couldn't stop thinking about it when I woke up, and went to sleep with a smile on my face. Some may say that this mere coincidence, however I say that displays the power of the universe act work, and before I go on I would like to thank the person who sent it to me from the bottom of my heart. I feel truly blessed and humbled.

I could write a book about this experience, but I will draw this post to a close. I will leave you with a leaving thought. It does not take much to just be kind to people, whether it be smiling, listening, just be kind. If you throw kindness into the universe and the universe will in turn throw you back kindness.

Take Care,

Alph Arley